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Established Alexandria Contract Law Attorney Helps Resolve Disputes

Central Louisiana attorney understands obligations law

Every day, we form agreements to buy and sell goods or to provide or purchase services. These agreements are known as “obligations” in Louisiana law, but most people call them contracts, regardless of whether they have been written down. The Law Office of Koby D. Boyett provides unique solutions tailored to fulfill the individual needs of clients whose contract has been breached or whose obligation has become unenforceable.

Explaining how an obligation is created

In order for an obligation to be created, one person (the obligor) must owe some type of performance to another person (the obligee). Unlike contracts in other states, there is no need for each party to give something up when creating a contractual obligation. One party can obligate themselves to do something or give something away without receiving any consideration in return.

To form a contract, there needs to be an offer, an acceptance of that offer and a legally valid cause for entering into the obligation. In some cases, a written contract or agreement may be required to create an obligation.

Louisiana contract law is complex and depends heavily on the facts of your particular case. Attorney Koby D. Boyett is a skilled litigator who can help you understand whether an obligation was formed.

Holding parties responsible for breach of contract

Litigation is one of the tools available for dealing with a breach of contract or a default on an obligation. A breach occurs when one party fails to live up to their end of the bargain. If you are the obligee and the breach caused you to suffer a financial loss, you need help. Mr. Boyett is a hard-working litigator who will seek to have a court award you damages. There is also a possibility of creating a compromise, a document that settles the dispute. This cost-effective solution is used by our firm when it benefits our clients. Similarly, the parties may agree on a novation, a new agreement that replaces the old one and removes existing obligations.

Freeing you from unfair and unenforceable obligations

When a contract is unfair to you, Mr. Boyett works to prove that it is unenforceable because of issues involving capacity or “vices of consent,” such as error, fraud or duress. When the necessary elements to create an obligation have not been met, Mr. Boyett will work to show the court that you had no obligation in the first place.

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When you have a contract dispute or a legal issue involving obligations, it is helpful to have an attorney who will work on your case efficiently and cost-effectively. The Law Office of Koby D. Boyett has a reputation in Alexandria and throughout Central Louisiana for providing skilled representation in all contract and obligation matters. Call us now at 318.442.9462 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.