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Alexandria Child Custody Attorney Serving Central Louisiana

Splitting up a family takes its toll on parents and their children. Custody issues can be complicated, requiring the guidance of a skilled Alexandria child custody lawyer. The Law Office of Koby D. Boyett provides child custody representation to clients in Alexandria, Rapides Parish and throughout Central Louisiana.

Deciding on child custody arrangements

When addressing child custody, parents must decide on legal and physical custody. Legal custody refers to decision-making about major issues such as the child’s school, physician or healthcare provider and religious upbringing. Physical custody refers to the child’s residence and daily care. Through joint custody, parents can share parental responsibilities. Joint custody works well for parents who desire that arrangement and can get along reasonably well. Sole custody designates one parent to assume all the responsibilities for either legal or physical custody or both.

Making the transition from marriage to divorce can be difficult. Even so, minimizing the stress involved with child custody is the goal of many parents. And the role of an Alexandria child custody attorney is to help you achieve your objectives and arrive at custody arrangements that are in your children’s best interests.

Arriving at custody arrangements

Courts approve custody settlements when they are in the best interest of the child. Generally, when couples cannot agree or courts decide that a proposed custody arrangement is not in the child’s best interests, Louisiana courts award joint custody. Courts typically award custody to one parent when Alexandria child custody attorneys can prove that sole custody serves a child’s best interests. Some factors that courts weigh when deciding custody include:

  • Emotional ties, love and affection
  • Ability to provide spiritual guidance, education, physical needs, medical care and childrearing
  • Home environment stability
  • Permanence of proposed custodial homes
  • Parent’s moral fitness
  • Parent’s mental and physical health
  • Child’s home, school and community history
  • Parent’s willingness and ability to facilitate and encourage a close, continuing relationship for the child with the other parent
  • Proximity between parent’s residences
  • Previous parenting and childcare responsibility

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Count on an Alexandria child custody attorney serving clients in Central Louisiana

The caliber of your child custody attorney is critical to your outcome. You owe it to yourself to discuss your case or legal issue with Koby Boyett. The initial consultation is free, so you have nothing to lose and a great deal to gain.